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My first time with two BBCs

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This is a short story about myself when I was still discovering myself and how I had my first encounter with two black men I met on the internet. I knew that after getting my first sexual intercourse with a black men that I was into black men and ready to submit to black men only. My first sexual intercourse with a black man had showed me that I was turned on by dressing up like a girl. I was into lingerie, hosiery and dresses. I actually spent more of my part time money that I was earning into making myself a sissy, that's what I wanted back then. I spent more on women clothing and sex toys… Read more

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Totally Chesty Tales - Tale 04

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Totally Chesty Tales – Tale 04 – Toolbox of Fun (Featuring Casey, Dave and Jeff Valony) That Saturday wasn’t just for the ones who wanted to be outdoors and hang out around Steelport. It was a day also for the ones who wished to take a rest from the weekdays’ hard work and enjoy a well-deserved rest. Somebody like Casey Mancini. At her bedroom, she read magazines laid on her bed by… Read more

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Pippi Langstrumpa


The supply pod docked, and the MULE (Multi-Use Labor Element) removed all the items from it and stored them away in the storage holds as I checked off each item. This was the 3rd supply mission of 4 scheduled for the year. Out here at Callisto the job was routine, but dull. Accept shipments of high grade silicon from the surface, package it into pods for the long trip to Earth, then send back the surface pods for reuse. Once that was done I started the MULE in transferring items from the supply pod to a surface pod for those living on Callisto itself. After almost 6 hours the shipment was un… Read more

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Porn on the 4th of july

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by williacj last year i wrote a story about fucking Dylan Dreyer of the today show this July 4th i have a brand new-" "well hello there,we meet again" a voice says,I turned around. "whoa dylan what are you doing here?" i asked. "celebrating the fourth of July" she said. I looked her up and down."damn Dylan god look at you whoa shit i know you're married but damn you look good in that dress." "oh wow you're checkin me out aren't you?" s… Read more

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My wife did me a favor

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After convincing my little wife Andrea to take a lover I have been adding ideas into beautiful blonde head. After she and Keith had fucked for well over a year she asked it was OK to fuck Tim, a buddy of mine. I said sure he has committed to me lots of times how sexy you are. She worked it out so Keith fucked her three times a week and Tim fucked her three times and I got the one day . Both of those cocks are thicker and longer than my thin penis. Even though I could start feeling a difference in her once tight vagina I learned for sloppy seconds. I had started hinting around to letting me f… Read more

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Thailand Trip with Married Chinese Lawyer


Married Chinese Lawyer Thailand Trip *There will be parts of this story where you can guess the time of her orgasms, please comment on the video and you could win passwords for locked videos* So this was one of the craziest few days I’ve spent with the Married Chinese Lawyer a while back. She was travelling with her husband to Thailand for a business holiday with some of her husband’s colleagues and officials. They were planning to play golf all day so she had the idea of taking me along secretly with her… Read more

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Anniversary Gifts

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Our anniversary was coming soon, and once again we followed the tradition we had started 7 years ago. We each wrote down our favorite fantasy and handed it to each other. It had all started rather innocently when on our first anniversary my wife had written me a note which said she wanted to have me lick her someday on the beach. A few weeks later we went to Malibu and as we were walking along the beach at night I pulled the note out of my pocket and handed it to her. Hand in hand we walked to a little cove and I knelt on the sand. Not even caring that the knees of my slacks were getting dirt… Read more

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A Wonderful Night


I had gone out with my husband, and it was supposed to be a night of fun and partying and dancing. We had dinner at a nice club, celebrating our delayed 5th anniversary, and the Italian food was great. Then we hit a bar a few doors down we used to go to, and I sat on his lap as we enjoyed a few drinks. Then an Uber, and a ride to a club that had just opened up. I had on a short red dress I had gotten just for the occasion. The plan was to enjoy ourselves and have a great night, then go home and fuck like bunnies. He had finally gotten that promotion at work, and I was now past my probationary… Read more

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Something from a chat


One of the horny chics here wanted a story about what I would do with her. So this is what I cam up with... You are naked on your back on the kitchen table. Your arms and legs are tied to the legs of it. Your head is hanging over the edge, you can‘t move, your legs are spread wide open and your hungry cunt is gaping. I fit some clamps to your nipples. First it hurts but soon they become numb from the stem of blood circulation. And they are hard. Once in a while I open the clamps for a moment and when the blood starts flowing again it is like electricity going right through them to your wet an… Read more

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Masturbation Test


*this was taken from another person's stories. I do not claim to own any part of this, except for the answers to the following questions. Unusually avoid these things but I found this one interesting. Plus I am always interested in know about others and their prevy habits I saw this in a friend's gallery and thought what a great way to introduce yourself to a group, of like-minded people. I love sex and masturbating. An ex of mine never understood why I masturbated all the time, every day... of course she began loving waking up to a shaking bed as I jerked off next to her... then ate her puss… Read more

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Carla's Inhibitions

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I just can't stop thinking about sex. I wake up in the morning, and it's like I have this uncontrollable impulse to masturbate. Thankfully the shower has that sprayer on a hose so it only takes me a few minutes to get myself off. Most times now when I go to class, I think about having sex with almost every boy I see. Jocks, geeks, teachers, even the derpy goth k**s. And when changing for PE I find myself thinking about what the girls in my class would be like having sex. Oh no, not actually having sex with them myself but how they must look, sucking on their boyfriend's cocks or being fucked… Read more

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CHAPTER 9: RETURN TO MR. RODRIGUEZ’S ESTATE After much discussion, and factoring in the additional information we received from Sharon, we contacted Mr. Rodriguez and agree to take him up his offer to visit for a 3-day weekend. Tim thoroughly reviewed our terms contained in our drafted Limits and Boundaries to confirm to Mr. Rodriguez our commitment to him, his potential with me while in his care, and our position on limits. We essentially were providing him with the direction his mind might go with i… Read more

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CHAPTER 8: A WALK IN THE PARK As I said, Tim had decided that taking Cody for walks would do all of us good. These walks were usually late at night, certainly after dark. And, also as I previously mentioned, Tim maintained the same control over me on these walks. He tended towards short skirts or dresses that were full which provided for an opportunity of the wind to raise the hem. Besides never wearing panties, I was not allowed to control the skirt in windy conditions. This was actually an excellent… Read more

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CHAPTER 6: THE NEXT DAY Well that was certainly an interesting couple of days! Have an orgasm in front of a shoe salesman Friday night. Deal with mom’s submissive disappearing act on Saturday and then take care of four guys (and Cody) on Saturday night. The evening ended on a high note with the exhibitionism at the gas station quick mart store. The next morning I was really no worse for wear. Although I had been fucked a lot, the guys were really very considerate about it. I got rest, they used lubrication when they… Read more

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Girls Nite Out, Guys Nite In. Ch. 1

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Contains graphic male on male gay sex and fathers/sons gay i****t, so if that's not your thing I have no idea why you'd read further than this sentence. Wives and daughters night out, I fist my best bud Cameron's smooth, waxed, 9 inch cock with my left hand while he strokes my trimmed, curved 7 incher with his right. On the floor facing us, Cameron's teen twin boys Nick and Glen double team my son Eli. Standing in front of him, Glens cock slides in and out of Eli's mouth. Eli, feet planted firmly on the floor, squats, reverse cowboy facing us on the couch. The momentum of Eli's 'reverse co… Read more

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My mother-in-law saw my dick


I like my mother-in-law. We get along really well. She has been a real rock and support. She has been there for me financially and emotionally. Between my wife and my MIL, they know the most about me. With all that being said, I think my MIL likes looking at my dick. My MIL moved to the same city my wife and I relocated to for work. She lived with us for a while. We are both smokers so my MIL and I would sit on the porch, smoke and talk. She told me my wife and her had their girl talk about me. I didn’t really know what that meant and I didn’t ask her further. All of us living together I s… Read more

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Cruising in the Park

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Left the gym feeling pretty horny yesterday since I didn’t get any action in the locker rooms, showed off my cock to a few older men and got a few looks but nothing else. Oh well, can’t suck somebody’s cock in the showers every time. So I decided to head to the local cruising park for older daddy’s that I had heard of awhile ago but never was interested to check it out until now. The park is pretty hidden away off some main roads so it barely sees anybody else but gay twinks and daddies looking to fuck. When I finally got to the entrance I could see three other cars in the parking lot, one of… Read more

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School Bus Hormones

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There’s nothing like a school bus full of High school teens in heat, and there’s nothing like high school bullies in heat. A high school immigrant from the Middle East experienced this reality first hand. She was 18 with the perkiest middle eastern nipples. Other girls envied her and did their part to mercilessly bully her for it. She had no friends, alone and kept to herself. Since the family had no vehicle, she rode the school bus each morning. Each mormning, as soon as she walked on the bus the harassment began. The mean bitch socio-pathic girls would call her all sorts of demeaning name… Read more

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In the kitchen with Jane


"On your own this afternoon?" I asked, letting myself in through the back door. "Hello there. Yeah, all on my lonesome," she replied. "Fancy a cuppa?" "Yeah, that'd be nice." "Hang on, just need to give the dishwasher a tablet," she responded as she smiled, and turned her back to me. Leaning forward from the waist she opened the under-sink-cupboard and started looking for the dishwasher tablets. I could see, thanks to the tightness of her shorts, that she wasn't wearing any knickers beneath her shorts. I leaned forward and cupped her left buttock with my hand. She jumped slightly, then pre… Read more

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I Pegged my Husband Last Night

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Gawd that was fun! Hank, my husband, had been looking at a lot of pegging themed videos on his iPad. I happened upon his browsing history by chance and decided to make his desires a reality. Got to love Amazon shopping for strapon's and reading all the reviews got me laughing at some and very horny. Fucking my husband's ass last night turned out to be an unexpected thrill for me as well! Now as I awaken from my euphoric slumber I realize that my prosthetic penis is still deeply penetrating my husband's ass. The vibrating bullet has ceased to vibrate so I assume the battery has run down while… Read more

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