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The Ceremony - Part 4

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The Ceremony - Part 4 The third girl in the ceremony was Michelle. Let's be charitable and say Michelle is a big girl. Large frame and fat, to be honest. She has dark hair and a pretty face, big tits even at her age and thick thighs. The pairing with Mr Jenkins raised eyebrows, really because Mr Jenkins is rather averagely endowed. We will see the Head's thinking revealed though in a moment.. Michelle was led in by the prefects as normal. Mr Jenkins, cock in hand made sure they got an eyeful. The two teachers stepped forward with the basket and the measuring tape and Michelle revealed hers… Read more

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First time anal with girlfriend

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As some of you might know I had been taught how to do anal when I was very young, being taught by an elderly neighbour. What she didn't teach me though was that it is very much a two way affair. About four years after my sex education I had a regular girl friend. She was beautiful with double d cup breasts and legs she could have modelled. Actually, when I first met her I was so surprised that she wanted me because she was so beautiful. 5 foot 6, slim, long legs, breasts that a blind man could see at 50 yards. I was still wet behind the ears when it came to proper relationships and I must ad… Read more

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Wife blows an old neighbour


We'd moved into our new house about 10 months earlier, it was a nice house on the edge of town. Unfortunately I'd not seen much of it as I worked away from home and for long periods at that time. Jane seemed happy there, she found a part-time job as a barmaid at the local pub and had made friends with some of our neighbours and often invited her old friends to stay while I was away. It was during one of my rare periods of being home for a week or so that things got a bit spicy. Jane had been at work at the pub (which I had yet to visit) all day, and I'd spent the day decorating. Late in the… Read more

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Jessie is pregnant (Jessie's revenge)

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(5th in a series) I had by now excepted the fact that my wife, (Jessie) was going to get or already was pregnant with my bosses (Frank) baby. I was partially to blame for encouraging her to fuck other guys but I didn’t expect her to take their semen. Not only was she letting Frank fill her with his semen but Jessie wanted to have Frank’s baby. Jessie’s once tight pussy was now always gapped open her pussy lips stretched and loose from taking Frank’s BBC almost daily and sometimes multiple times a day. Jessie wanted a wedding with her family present since we had been married by the justice wi… Read more

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Nancy's Alluring Ass!

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It's been a long time now since high school. You'd think I would just let some things go but then I recently heard from an old friend and we exchanged emails which was a lot of fun. Of course, eventually, we got around to the girls we dated and he asked If I ever say my main squeeze from back then, Nancy. Unfortunately, the answer is no but I still think about her from time to time. I thought about Nancy and her gorgeous "surfer girl" looks. You know, the straight blond hair, tanned complexion and curvy body? Yeah, that was Nancy. We dated back then and she really seemed to like me. One night… Read more

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She Makes Him Feel...

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She opened the door. It was, I don’t know, my tenth or twelfth time seeing her. She had on a tiny little black dress that just barely covered her tight bubble butt. I walked in her apartment. She offered me a seat and something to drink. I asked for Henny. She put a couple cubes of ice in a red plastic cup and poured the liquor. She had some too, mixed with cola. She suggested we go to her bedroom. She reached back to hold my hand as she led me down the hallway. Hers were soft and slender like her waist. Her hot pink heels clacked against the hardwood floor as usual. Just that sound got my bi… Read more

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Joy Of Anal Sex

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Joy Of Anal Sex By: Londebaaz chohan I consider myself very lucky that in the very early days of my freshman year, I found Jessica as my girl for keeping and now sometimes when I think back; I do find myself as guilty as her for ending the relationship after 3 years although; she decided to end it all and go with someone else. At 5’ 7”, she was a bit tall girl than most other girls, with a very fair colored skin. Of course she was beautiful with very sharp and attractive features; particularly her full lips, hazel eyes and shiny black hair. Her breasts were large but very well suited… Read more

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True Story while in College with another roommate

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This goes back to when I was in college. Phil, a classmate, and I rented a small house in Buena Park while we attended CSF. Phil worked nights at Bekins, moving storage boxes and around, and I worked nights in a machine shop. We would always try to impress each other with what we got at work. One night I was bored at work, so I fashioned a penis out of aluminum stock, and polished it all up as a joke. When I got home that night, Phil had four large boxes on the front room floor. I asked about the boxes, and he said they could not figure out who they belonged to. The company was going to toss… Read more

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The days before the Internet, using the LA Free Pr

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This was going to be my big date! I had been crossdressing for 5 years, and I had even gone out to the Queen Mary a couple of times, but I had always slipped away and hurried home. It was my part time fantasy and I wanted to keep it that way. But each time I had this fantasy about going on a date as a girl with an older tall man. We didn’t have the internet like we have today so I ran an advertisement in a magazine called TV Epic. It was a transgender medium for events, activities and dating. I received several letters from men expressing their desire to meet me but they seemed to be just like… Read more

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Partly True, Partly fantasy

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Part of this is true. I did have a college roommate that was drop dead gorgeous, and I did suck him twice when we were drunk. And I was wearing lingerie. But he got angry after the 2nd time saying: "I'm not gay and we can't do this anymore". But he used to still pinch my bottom when no one was looking I had a roommate on college. He was this really tall well built guy who always had these perfect girlfriends coming around the house. I was the small frail nerdy guy, who was only 5’7 and 138 pounds. I was a secret crossdresser that Doug didn’t know about. When he was with some girl in his room,… Read more

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This story is from a friend in Canada

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It is partly fantasy, and partly true. Part of this did happen to her, and she built on the fantasy: He holds me close, pressing me against the wall. My heart beat races as I feel the fullness of his manhood pressing against me. His tongue penetrates my lips and plays with my tongue. He knows this is all new to me, and he has been nothing if not patient, kind and protective of me in our earlier encounters. But now, I see the more dominant, masculine side of him. His right hand grabs my panty-hosed buttock under my skirt, he pulls me even closer and grinds himself against me as he whispers so… Read more

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Testing a new huge dildo


After fucking like crazy that night with my beloved Victor, I told him I wanted to purchase a new sex toy. I had several pieces in different shapes and sizes; but now I wanted one really huge, bigger and thicker than all the others I had in my naughty collection. The next afternoon we went together to a new local sex shop. I found what I wanted. A real huge thing, in black, with all the veins well marked on the silicon surface. I was in Heaven with this purchase. As I was paying at the counter, I felt my pussy tingling and getting wet, just thinking about this thing entering up my cunt. Vict… Read more

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Conference and vacation at Brazil

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My sweet Ana came home excited from her office, saying her Boss was sending her on a conference meeting at a city in the Northeast of Brazil. She said I could buy my own ticket and we could enjoy a kind of holidays while she attended some meetings during the mornings… As we boarded the plane, I felt very relaxed and almost passed out before departure. When I awoke, Ana was coming from the tiny bathroom; a young flight attendant was walking behind her and my wife had an evil grin in her face as she sat down close to me. Ana kissed me deeply and her tongue tasted a bit strange. She broke the k… Read more

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Turned into a Faggot by the Two Hottest Girls I Kn


My name is Tom, I’m 5’10” tall, slim athletic build, I have brown hair and white skin. I am 18 years old. This is the story of how my two dream girls turned me into a cock craving faggot. It was summer break after grade 12, I had just graduated high school. I live in a nice neighbourhood in a new development on the edge of town. My neighbour just so happened to be one of the hottest girls in my grad class; Danya. I would often jerk off thinking about her amazing body. She is 5’8” with tan skin and light brown hair, but the best characteristic is her amazing athletic, round, bubble butt and la… Read more

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Grandma does porn 6

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The week at college quickly flew by, and then me and Steve were in my car heading to my Grandmothers once again to film her. We arrived just as my Grandfather was leaving, he still wasn't happy about any of this, despite the money it was making, but once he was out of sight, we headed inside and began setting up the camera in the living room. It was then my Grandmother came downstairs, dressed in a black one piece swimsuit and red high heels. She had her red hair done up nicely and some make up, and for an older lady I had to admit she looked stunning. I then wanted to discuss with her what we… Read more

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Apartment – I would dress from time to time when I could be alone in the house. I also began stealing girlfriends’ lingerie when I could. I would take if from their drawers or hampers. I was careful never to take more than one thing over a long period of time. As far as I know no one ever suspected it was me. As time went by and dating became more sexual I would make out and pet with a girl until she was came in her panties or at least was very wet. I’d sneak into her hamper the next evening and find the wet panties still smelling like her pussy. Sometimes I’d slip into them on the spot, other… Read more

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owned life p2

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Its useless to think i could get away after the 1st month what was only secret play session alone in my room was now my only purpose when school is done if my classmate knew i am wearing a chastity panty pink leather, locked tight , boy clit locked in a cage and a plug always inside. no way for me to remove it they would all make fun off me , the cock slut boy princess my friends think he his my mom bf , its what i had to told them since his black suv is always infront of the school everyone seeing me getting picked up and drop every morning or evening if they knew in a couple of minutes… Read more

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She Becomes a Cum Freak


*** My wife Wendy was a virgin when we married and wouldn't even let give her oral sex much less giving me any. But man did she change over the years. (MMF, wife, oral, cheat, fetish, preg, glory) *** I got to know my wife Wendy back in high school when she become friends with my sister. At first I thought she was just a dumb k**. But when she was in 10th grade, she changed like more night. She went from this skinny not so good looking girl to a young lady with a good start on having all the right curves. As for me, I'm 2 years older than my sister and Wendy. When I asked Wendy t… Read more

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Lisa makes my day...


So I was having a pretty crappy day at work, nothing going right and it was freezing cold out and too early in the year for these low temps. One of my coworkers, Lisa, came in to my office and as you may of previously read Lisa has been an incredible friend and lover for years. Today she came in, took one look into my eyes and said I think maybe we need to have a long lunch today to which I smiled and happily agreed to. We left around 11:30 to go to a "vendors" place and said we would be a couple hours. Instead of course we headed north, to a small Red Roof Inn about 15 miles away. Before goi… Read more

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Mistis' Adventures Part 116

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After the initial shock, the group decided to go ahead and clean the place before departing. The men did much of the loading, while the women made sure there was nothing left to attract undue attention from a scavenger. A mouse would have had problems finding a snack after they had finished. Bruce remarked that it was probably more disturbed by their just being there, and the bright lights, than the lack of food left behind. All was ready and they went on up to the house. Another surprise came a few minutes after they got to the house. Royce had finished his last final exam that morning, and… Read more

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