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Out Of Afrika, Chapter 48

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A Fantasy created by International Writers Curt B, Julie Van, Satinlvr_mwf andWunderboi ****** Chapter 48- The Cosmopolitan Quarter ******​ Our story thus far: The arrival of Rhino RMM Inc. had transformed the fortunes and the lives of sleepy Hawksville in ways beyond the wildest imagination of its original inhabitants. What had once been a sleepy backwater town reliant on farming and few decaying industries for its existence was now a dynamic highly developed hive of activity and pleasure that attracted the attention, admiration and, although at the moment they might not admit to it, env… Read more

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Gran Meets Me Halfway


It might have been a scenario I conjured up on my way to the bathroom for my first hand crank of the day but would certainly have made a quick retreat had I known my mother's mother was topless the other side of the open airing cupboard door. Had often pulled off looking at a picture of her I removed from Grandpa's collection I had found in the loft but, 'wow' this was for real. The door closed. "Oh!' exclaimed Gran standing there holding a bra in one hand and the door handle in the other. Neither of us moved. For me no problem; the expectant half hard waiting for my hand was tucked well into… Read more

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My New Family. My First A.

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Angie, my foster sister, bounced into the kitchen ahead of me, eager to tell our foster mother the good news. "Momma! Momma! Guess what?" she said excitedly. "What Angie?" replied our foster mother. "Leo got an A." grinned my hot slim brunette foster sister. "Really?" asked my hot brunette slim foster mother. "Yep!" I replied, before holding up proudly my course work for her to see, with a big red A marked on it. "Fantastic!" she cried out excitedly, before stepping towards me and giving me a good tight hug. "I knew you could do it, if you just put your mind to it!" she then said, smiling at m… Read more

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Lessons Learned in Forced Feminization, You Decide


So did this title catch your attention. Will you read on?? Ok so I'm not going to tell you I was forced onto hormones, I didn't get huge breast implants or permanent makeup tattooed on my face. I cannot go out in public and pass as a beautiful genetic female. But if you read on I will tell a true story of one of my early experiences with my wife after she caught me secretly crossdressing in her clothes, masturbating hard as a rock ready to cum. (that was my first of many to follow ruined cum). I promised her the world so to speak (my second mistake) not to divorce me as I expected she would if… Read more

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Sunday morning - real life


This is not a story, this is as it actually happened, how we made love on Sunday morning, as requested by a friend on XH. (Jane tells the first part and Billy tells the second part). I opened my eyes slowly as I awoke. There was light behind the curtains, and I lay in a relaxed half asleep, half awake state, thinking that it was Sunday morning and there was nothing pressing to do. I could tell Billy was awake from the sound of his breathing. One of us will make the tea, normally decided by who has to get up for a pee first (usually Billy)! He got up and went to the bathroom and I hea… Read more

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The estate agent


I arrived at the estate agents at 9:00 sharp Zoe was meeting me there just after, the shop was locked, I looked at my watch, it said 9:02, just as I looked up a silver series 5 BMW pulled up and parked outside, a gorgeous tall but plump women climbed out she had a short red skirt, and a black low cut top, she must of been late 30’s I suppose, and she had fantastic tits, my phone buzzed in my pocket, it was a text from Zoe, “Running late, stuck in traffic, I’m not sure if I will make it now, can you deal with it on your own? Cheers babe Z xx we were putting the house on the market! Anyway this… Read more

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Neighbour SG 2

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Olivia ok then i will shake it out for you in return for your good massage. Me ok Olivia start to pull down my boxer to my knee while i took off my shirt. Olivia wow, you shave regularly? Me yes it look more better and bigger when shave. Olivia its really look big and its long and thick. Me yap. If you like its can enjoy it. Olivia maybe. Olivia start to stroke imy brother gently sitting beside me using her left hand. And we start to chat again. Me Olivia when you last had enjoy sex? Olivia answer me after thinking awhile, i think should be 3years back since my daughter is going to 3 years… Read more

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A Tinder Hook Up...couldnt walk properly anymore


I have always wanted to get fucked by a huge dick. I always imagined how it felt to get my pussy stretched. The feeling of pain and pleasure. A lot of times I would watch big dick porn and masturbate to it. Eventually I was hoping to actually get fucked by a dick that would make me scream It was a friday, I was at work during my break, I decided to go on tinder...I just wanted to have sex that night. I wanted to go out have some drinks with my friends and eventually hook up. A one night stand. I keep swiping left, and eventually I saw a guy that I found really sexy. He was nicely built, a b… Read more

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My Transgender Love - Week 2

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At the start of the second week, we left the hotel to stay for one night at her little house where her friend is also living temporarily. I didn’t think we would be able to have sex but when her friend left to do a little shopping, she came upstairs in a hurry. She told me to take my pants and underwear off while she pulled her pants down revealing her throbbing cock ready for action. I lay on my side and she put lube on herself and in my hole. She lay down beside me and pushed the head into my anus. After waiting a brief moment, my hole was open for her to get in deep and then deeper. I could… Read more

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Pushing them to the limits XIII


Chapter 8 The next few days I had to work, nothing special happened. Until after five days I went to the farm with my wife. A few pickups were parked on the yard, They were going to build an extension on the house.About 4 or 5 construction workers were working around the house. Her husband came up to me and asked me if I could keep an eye on the construction if he was working. I told him I had no problem with that, and I would come around a bit more when he was working. That would be a nice excuse for me to be a bit more with the blonde.... He asked us if we would like some coffee, whi… Read more

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Summer of 86‘ Part III

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Summer of 86’ Part III Saturday morning we all were at Mission Beach deciding where to eat and hang out. Maggi was radiant, her tan was glowing and she had an air about her that exuded confidence. Maggi being 6’ tall and in top physical shape did runway modeling in her early teen years, she really knew how to walk down the sidewalk and make every man’s head turn. She grabbed Matt by the arm and walked proudly. More than a few people took second and third looks. Matt was in fantastic shape, had blond hair and blue eyes but was only 5’6” tall. Seeing them walking together was an attention gette… Read more

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Meetup with Ted and Tina 2


This is a part 2 and I am not reviewing 1 here. If you want to understand how we got here and who we are, read this story first. As I was lying there with my eyes closed, the world was spinning around and around and even though I could hear voices, they were not familiar and yet I felt I should know them. I tried to open my eyes but the light was there and I really did not like it. That was when I heard a wom… Read more

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She's New, and From Argentina


2 weeks ago, I was introduced to a new person hired where I work. She's in sales, and a lovely creature. For her tender years of 25, she's well-educated and well-traveled. I'm quite gregarious and welcoming, so have made it a point to connect with her as often as I can. Her English is quite good, as she has attended secondary school and college in strong English-speaking countries. She so very lovely - not just in the physical sense, but lovely inside, as well. As to her looks, she has stunning auburn hair, very dark eyes, and a voluptuous shape. Not fat, by any means, but appealingly… Read more

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The Submissive

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John drove his car down the motorway. He didn't know why he was going through with this, only that it felt like he was possessed, or desperately in need. Only a scant couple of hours earlier he had been texting a contact he had made on online. His wife was at work his c*****n at school. No one would need to know. He had showered and clipped and shaved his pubes. His mind a haze as he used an enema to clean out his bowels. He felt good. He felt clean. He did everything he could to keep from sliding his hand along his now small smooth cock. He had obediently got into his car and drove the 20 m… Read more

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Mother Invites Son to Live at Home


"Mom, thanks again for inviting me home to live with you while I'm going through my divorce." The pleasure is all mine. Since your father passed away I've been lonely and wanting another man around the house. I advertised on those dating websites but the only guys that reply are creepy old men that can barely get an erection. I'm looking for someone more about your age with no issues in that department. I'm at the peak of my sexuality and would like to be serviced at least once a day.… Read more

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Becoming femme

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TIGHed at my self in the mirror.. mmmm liked what I saw Tight girls jeans.and a bra under a tank top. Looking good there Misch. Mum and I decided on Michele for a name and I shortened it to Misch. Found a pair of sexy knee high boots which fit well and then I was ready to get my new look. Mum yelled out "are you ready to go Misch, I've made a special appointment for you ,a private room where the girls can work on you" "on my way mum" when i reached the car i stopped so she could look at me Ï think you are going to look very good honey by the time they are finished with you .Are you sure… Read more

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Cuckquean meet cuckcake unexpectedly


You'd known I'd been seeing my gf for a month or so now and bits of hers was appearing round the house but as a good cuckquean you appreciated that she is a big part of my life now since she gets my cock and cum almost daily. You'd never met and you was happy as you got to hear all the naughty stories later, see some naughty photos that she sends you of me and most of all you got to clean my cock after I'd been with her. You'd started to work out that I wasn't just using her arse and mouth like our original agreement but I'd told you I just rubbed it against her clit as it made her orgasm an… Read more

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having fun with my girlfriend's mother

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i had a very open relationship with a young lady named Wren. We used to get together several times a week and smoke pot, drink beer, and watch porn. These sessions would last for 7 or 8 hours, and then i would usually go home. My primary interest in her was being able to tell her about and show her my strong sexual needs, which included wearing sexy lingerie such as bikini or thong panties, and stockings with a nice garter belt. I also like to wear makeup and a wig too, but didn't do that all the time. i don't really consider myself a crossdresser, but i've had a fascination with women's linge… Read more

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I got what I wanted but from the wrong man 2

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As I laid there catching my breathe having just been totally fucked by this huge cock and having orgasms that were out of this world, my cell phone started to ring. The caller Id showed it was my husband the man who I love with all my heart, but also the man who I just cheated on. I put my finger to my lips for Harry to be quiet as I answered the call. I said "Hi honey how are you doing without me there?" He answered "Oh ok I guess, just missing you already and thinking maybe I should join you but I don't know where you are and your sister wont tell me where she sent you, so tell me wher… Read more

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There Can Be Only One Chapter 18


There Can Be Only One Chapter 18 Ross’s left hand hung by his side holding the camera, he offered his right to Adèle which she reluctantly took. Ross gently pulled his French teacher up to a standing position. Although she didn’t say anything her eyes had an anxious look, wide and glazed as if trying to send telepathic messages to him pleading with him not to take this to the next stage. Releasing her hand, he gently raised it to grasp the lapel of her jacket and pulled it away from her body. A hint of lacy white bra could be seen between the vee of her satin blouse… the top buttons undo… Read more

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